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Lady in Black Aster
Lady in Black Aster

September Plant of the Month

As the heat of summer ends and the days become cooler, many of our spring and summer blooming perennials will have finished flowering for the year.  So to keep color in our gardens and continue to feed our beloved pollinators, we have chosen perennials from the Aster family to be our September Plant of the month.

There are many types of asters ranging from short to tall in various shades of blue,purple,white,and pink.  Asters will grow happily in sun to partial shade and all kinds of soil types, though they do appreciate moisture.

Asters start coming into bloom in August and can continue all the way to November. These flowers are important sources of nectar for pollinators and especially the migrating butterflies and hummingbirds.

We have several varieties of Asters from which to choose including Professor Kippenburg which is a shorter blue variety, Wood's Blue which is a short native, Purple Dome which is a double flowered purple reaching 18" tall, and Lady In Black, which is a tall native reaching 4'tall and covered in small white flowers with a dusty pink eye and purple hued stems.

Asters are relatively trouble free and not really favored by deer since the asters grow in such abundance in the wild. 

The taller varieties can benefit from staking and during July, you can pinch them back for more compact growth.

Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia cardinalis

August Plant of the Month

August is when some of our most beautiful native  flowers come into bloom.  One of the most beautiful and sought after natives is the Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis).  Along with it's Blue relative (Lobelia siphilitica), these flowers are a must for gardeners and pollinators alike.

Growing to 4' or more when happily placed, Cardinal flower requires a very moist, partially sunny environment. Once established, your plot of Lobelia will increase each year due to the gazillion dust like seeds that get scattered about after blooming. 

Cardinal flower is loved by butterflies, bees, and especially hummingbirds, who are attracted to the blood red spires. Blooming begins late July and can continue through September.

The Cardinal flower's relative, the Big Blue Lobelia(Lobelia siphilitica) requires slightly different conditions from its red cousin. Blue Lobelia tolerates more dryness and will happily grow in sun or shade.  The blue is a reseeder like the red, but its not quite as prolific, though it is no slouch by any means.

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JULY Plant of the Month

Echinacea (Purple Cone 🌼)
Echinacea (Purple Cone 🌼)

Blooming from June and continuing through the fall, Echinacea deserves a spot in everyone's perennial garden.

  • Grows to 15" to 3' depending on variety
  • Sun
  • Attracts pollinators
  • Deer resistant
  • Great cut flower
  • Native
Woodland Phlox
Woodland Phlox

March, April,May,June, and July Plants of the Month: Woodland Phlox, Creeping Polemonium, Paprika Yarrow, Gaillardia,and Echinacea

Woodland Phlox is a native that thrives in partial sun with evenly moist soil. Low growing and highly fragrant, Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata) is available now at the nursery.

Creeping Polemonium, does best in morning sun.  Reaching a height of about 12 inches, this native blooms with delicate blue bell like flowers from  April through early summer.

Paprika Yarrow, reaches 18" tall, requires full sun, and blooms from May to September if you deadhead. Yarrow is highly attractive to pollinators, drought tolerant, and critter resistant.

Gaillardia needs full sun and good drainage to perform its best.  One of the earliest bloomers too, Gaillardia can start blooming in May and continues till hard frost.  Gaillardias are available in bright colors of red, yellow, peach and bicolor.  Also called Mexican Blanket flower, Gaillardia always lights up a bed with its glowing blooms.

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FREE T-Shirt with  VIP Membership;  can also  be purchased without VIP sleeve graphic by anyone though for $15.00
FREE T-Shirt with VIP Membership; can also be purchased without VIP sleeve graphic by anyone though for $15.00


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