Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants

Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants




Please note, at this time, we do not ship plants.  

Can I Come And Shop Around During Covid-19?

Since we are a private nursery, and still dealing with the Corona virus, we welcome you  to do your shopping from our website if at all possible. After you order, we will get your plants together for you so that you can pick them up in our parking lot.  If you would like to shop the nursery in person, you may come during our operating hours which change throughout the season. You may also make an appointment to visit as well. 

We are relaxing the Covid protocols now as well  ; if you've been vaccinated, the masks are not needed.

 Additionally, if you are a VIP Plant Group member and have a good working knowledge of plants, you may come to the nursery anytime and pick out your plants.  Then let me know via text message to 571-283-3163 or email what you are getting and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Can We Hold Plants For You

We can only hold for 48 hours after you purchase plants.

We cannot hold plants without purchase.


Look at what we have available on the website; it is updated frequently.

If a product says sold out, that means none are available at the moment but a 2nd and 3rd crop will be available at some point.

Choose your plants by adding to your shopping cart.

After you submit your order, we will check to make sure your plants are available and then we will contact you via email that is indicated on your Paypal confirmation.

Your order will be gathered and prepared for you to pick up.  At least one plant of any variety will be tagged so that you know what you have.

Your order will then be placed in one of our colored wheelbarrows or metal carts.  We will let you know your color wheelbarrow.   All wheelbarrows are placed in our parking lot which is on the left as you drive in.

If you have any questions, send me a text at 571-283-3163


If after your order is placed, we find that a variety is unavailable, we will ask you to either choose another plant, get a refund, store credit, or wait until the plants are available again.  It's up to you. 


We avoid  pesticide use as much as  possible and try to only use organics when needed. On plants like asclepias (butterfly weed) this means that you will often find aphids on the plants which you can easily blow off with a jet of water.  Organic growing means might have to tolerate a certain amount of pests or leaf spots.

For common problems like powdery mildew, we use organic copper or plant oils for its control.

In regards to fertilizer, we no longer use organics because growing containerized plants is not like growing in the ground.  Even organics can run off and get into waterways.   So instead, we use a slow release type of fertilizer similar to Osmocote.  This results in much less runoff of nutrients.

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