Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants

Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants


  SPRING HOURS: We are now open from 12:00 noon until 6pm.    Please make an appointment for other times. Monday - Saturday

Perennial plants in the greenhouse
Perennial plants in the greenhouse

Doing What We Love

We have been growing plants for over 40 years, originally getting our start in Pittsburgh, Pa.  We began operations in the beautiful Pleasant Valley area of  Maryland in 2005.

All plants are grown in our modest greenhouses and you will find over 300 varieties to choose from.

Perennials and natives are our mainstay, but we also grow some popular annuals, vegetables, herbs, and house plants as well.

Annie is our horticulturist and perennial expert, with a degree in Greenhouse Production & Growing.  She is on site to assist you with questions or your choices.

We do prefer that customers make an appointment to visit the nursery since this is our home as well. 

CURRENTLY, DUE TO COVID-19, We ask that you shop from our website and pick up your plants in our parking lot.  If you really need to shop in person, please make an appointment.  Once the Covid virus is out of our hair, we will resume normal operation.

Photo by
Annie Hall