Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants

Grasshopper Perennials  & Native Plants


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12 Jun 2020

Taking Plant Requests & Comfrey Cuttings Have Rooted

I get asked often for varieties that I don't have.  But just because I don't have them doesn't mean I can't grow them.  If you would like me to grow something just ask.

By the way, those comfrey cuttings have now rooted.

They should be ready for our winners in about acweek or so.

6 Jun 2020

Lightening Bug Sightings

Who doesn't like a humid evening of watching the first flashes of fireflies or lightening bugs, as we grew up calling them.

As a kid and even now, I had a keen interest in insects and observed and collected all kinds.

Lightening bugs were fascinating and I looked forward to every June so that I could once again watch the twinkling lights in the dark.

I learned back then that those airborne twinklers were the males and the different species actually flash their own "code" and then watch for an answering flash from a lady firefly waiting down below in the grass.

So I decided to try a little experiment to see if I could attract the males to me, just like a female.  Well, it turns out, I could.

I would sit in the grass with a small flashlight, pick out one twinkle in the night, wait about 3 seconds, and then flash back at him.  Surprisingly, it works and  the male will flash back.  Wait another 3 seconds , flash my light, and low and behold, the amorous boy is flashing back at me and coming closer.  I have been able to get the befuddled males to land on my hand.... they search and search for the lady firefly, and in frustration, they fly off.  Interestingly enough, you can only fool one particular male once. 

My friends tell me that I'm a meanie for getting the firefly's  hopes up. Oh well...Sorry dude.  lol.

11 May 2020

It's A Frosty May!

Though we had what I'd consider a very mild winter, spring, on the other hand, has been anything but.  Below normal temperatures have reigned supreme which has slowed the growth of our plants and they still continue to break dormancy.  We just had one of the oddest Mother's Day weekends that I can ever remember. 

Some plants have gotten a little damaged from our late frosts and even now, this 2nd week of May, we are under more frost advisories.  The plants can handle it though and will look a little rough for awhile, but once we get warm, settled weather, they will quickly grow out of any raggedness.

So let's have some patience....ha!   Ok spring, take your time, but HURRY UP!

26 Apr 2020

A Month of Social Distancing

So it's been about a month I guess, and things are coming along fine.  Plant sales have been brisk actually and I'm trying my darndest to keep up. 

More seedlings have been started, the veggies are coming along, the annuals and herbs are waiting to be transplanted. Plant orders for the patented varieties are on the way... All we need are some warm sunny days and things will take off.

The cool rainy weather is a drag for most of us, especially my 14 year old collie, Jemma.  Hopefully, this week will feel better on her old bones.  

Let's bring on May and the bright warm days...these are the glorious days that make one glad to be alive.  Yeah, we will still be social distancing, but the beauty of mother nature is more noticeable now isn't it? Now that we've all slowed down a bit.

17 Apr 2020

A New Way of Buying Plants

Seems like everyone is adjusting just fine to the social distancing requirements of our state.  We have been able to conduct virtual nursery tours with no contact with customers.  I can still answer your questions, still troubleshoot problems, still help you design your bed, all by using our smart phones.  Isn't technology grand!

Hopefully though, in a few weeks, this Covid-19 will peak and then decline and we can finally get back to normal.  But if not,we will adjust and continue with virtual sales.  And honestly, you can do virtually sales any time you want if you are so inclined.

On another note, we will be getting more and more plants onto the benches as the spring rolls into summer.  So keep watching our website updates.  And thank you to everyone who is making this another great growing season.

4 Apr 2020

Normalcy During Covid-19

I'd say most of us are pretty aware of the global pandemic, if you aren't or are in denial, then, please pay attention.

This thing is no joke, but we are still trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in the nursery.  The plants don't know that we are dealing with Covid-19 and they still need to be started and cared for regardless of our problems.

So with that said, we are still working, still starting plants, and still offering plants for sale.  But we have changed a bit.

We are now only doing virtual selling.  We can walk you through the nursery via messenger or a similar app, or you can contact us and request plants.  Then we will send photos of the plants if we have them.  You can pick which ones you'd like and then we either put them aside for you to pick up in our parking lot, or we can deliver if you purchase $15.00 or more and are within 15 miles of the nursery.

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